Dr John McEachin

John McEachin is a licensed psychologist who has been providing behavioural intervention to children with Autism as well as adolescents and adults with a wide range of developmental disabilities for more than 40 years. He received his graduate training under Professor Ivar Lovaas at UCLA on the Young Autism Project. During his 11 years at UCLA, Dr McEachin served in various roles including Clinic Supervisor, Research and Teaching Assistant, Visiting Professor and Acting Director. His research has included the long-term follow-up study of young autistic children who received intensive behavioural treatment, which was published in 1993. Since receiving his PhD in Clinical Psychology in 1987 his work has included serving as Clinical Director of Developmental Disabilities Services, a division of Straight Talk in Signal Hill, California. Dr McEachin has lectured throughout the world and consulted with numerous families and agencies, assisting in the development of treatment programs and providing training to parents, group home staff, and classroom personnel. In 1994 he joined with Ron Leaf in forming Autism Partnership, which they co-direct. In 1999 they co-authored a book on Applied Behavior Analysis for persons with autism, titled A Work in Progress. In 2008 they published It’s Time for School! Building Quality ABA Educational Programs For Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders and Sense And Nonsense In The Behavioral Treatment of Autism: It Has To Be Said and Crafting Connections: Contemporary Applied Behavior Analysis for Enriching the Social Lives of Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder.