Autism Partnership UK runs group programmes that focus on teaching social skills and group learning skills to children with ASD. Called “Social Clubs”, students attend once a week and learn a variety of social and behavioural skills that will help them interact with and learn from others. Instruction is provided on skills such as observational learning, social communication, reading social cues and cooperative play. Additionally, these sessions allow students to practice learning within a group format and build skills necessary for pre-school or school settings.

Each group has a high staff to student ratio so we can meet the unique learning needs of different children. They learn through an array of group activities such as group games, circle time, group lessons, sports, structured activities and free play. These activities are specifically designed to facilitate social interaction and create opportunities to practice different target skills. Below are some examples of target skills that we might teach at different levels of ability:

  1. Greetings
  2. Attending to group
  3. Behavioural control
  4. Turn taking
  5. Observational learning
  6. Listening to peer
  7. Social initiation
  1. Basic conversation skills
  2. Joint attention
  3. Following friends
  4. Assertiveness & Conviction
  5. Playing by rules
  6. Compromising
  7. Recognizing disinterest
  1. Negotiation
  2. Compromise
  3. Topical conversation
  4. Age appropriate interests
  5. Social inference
  6. Problem solving skills
  7. Cooperation


We currently offer groups at both our Leeds and London therapy centres for various age ranges. Groups may be open to children who are not receiving intensive ABA programmes, as long as their skill level and needs are consistent with the other children in a group.