• To provide training to school staff in the methodology of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) in the intervention of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
• To provide on-going support to school staff in facilitating the learning of pupils with ASD.
• To provide on-going support to school staff in facilitating social interaction of pupils with ASD.
• To trial this consultation-based intervention for an initial period of at least 52 weeks as a means of enabling pupils to access effective intervention in meeting their learning needs.
• To put this proposal to funding authorities to determine financial feasibility of on-going intervention based on intervention efficacy.

Profile of Pupils:

• Mild to moderate learning/cognitive challenges – i.e. children potentially capable of accessing the national curriculum with minimal support.
• Mild behavioural challenges – i.e. no aggression/self-injury or other harmful behaviours.
• Low-levels of self-stimulatory behaviours.
• Some social interest, albeit limited.

Intervention Format:

1. Initial observation & assessment (1 full-day) – the consultant will conduct an informal assessment to assess suitability of pupils for intervention. By the end of the day, the consultant will be able to identify at least 4 pupils who would be suitable for the intervention.
2. 3 days of initial intensive training: Day 1 – theory training & role-playing; Days 2 & 3 – hands-on practise with selected pupils.
3. 3 weeks of senior program specialist support – ABA-trained therapists will implement intervention recommendations of the consultant for 3 weeks to demonstrate to school staff how to implement ABA strategies. During this period, ABA implementation will gradually transition to school staff and ABA therapists will fade their involvement.
4. Initial 4 weeks – a total of 6 consultation days – 36 hours of consultation. During this period, each pupil will receive 9 hours of consultation.
5. Thereafter, consultation days will gradually and systematically reduce depending on progress of pupils and school staff.