Families or schools located in areas where appropriate expertise in Applied Behavioural Analysis is not readily available benefit from regularly scheduled consultation visits from Autism Partnership UK senior staff. Autism Partnership UK’s team of consultants travel nationally and internationally to provide ABA intervention and consultation.

During the initial consultation, the Consultant will identify the needs of the child. The Consultant will then develop a programme plan that includes an individualised curriculum to assist the child in mastery of critical skills and programmes to address interfering behaviours.

During each consultation visit, parents, home and school staff receive training and supportive input on how improvements in their methodology will result in increased progress for the child.  As progress is achieved, the Consultant will refine the goals and curriculum.

In between consultation visits, parents and the treatment team can communicate with the Consultant via email and telephone as needed to ensure the programme is running smoothly.

The initial consultation visit is typically three to five days.  The frequency of follow up consultation visits vary according to need, but typically occur every two to three months.