Helping Individual Cope with Challenging Situations

Date: Saturday 11 January 2020
Venue: Dame Geraldine Hall, 6-9 Manor Gardens, London, N7 6LA, United Kingdom
Presented by: Donna Benton
Fee: Free

Get a detailed understanding of challenges faced by autistic individuals and learn how to help them cope with these challenges.

About this Event

Autism is a highly-variable and complex condition that renders many people incapable of coping with everyday situations which those of us without the condition take for granted.

This workshop introduces participants to a more detailed understanding of the challenges faced by autistic individuals and how to help them overcome and cope with these challenges.


  • In depth analysis of behaviour functions
  • Proactive and reactive strategies
  • Problem-solving considerations
  • Stress management & coping strategies
  • Case studies of successful outcomes working with children with ASD
  • Places are limited and by booking only.

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