Upcoming Events

An Introduction to Autism & Intensive Intervention

Date & Time: Friday 6th of March 2020, 9:30am – 12:30pm
Venue: Dame Geraldine Hall, 6-9 Manor Gardens, London, N7 6LA, United Kingdom
Presented by: Donna Benton
Fee: Free

Have you ever wondered what is ABA intervention? How does the ABA method work and whether it is the right approach for your child and family? 

This workshop provides you with the opportunity to find out.

What the workshop will cover?

· Understanding ASD and its various presentations

· Critical analysis of behaviour functions

· Learning how-to-learn and other pivotal learning skills

·Establishing meaningful and achievable goals

·Critical thinking and effective teaching

ABA Tutor Training

Date & Time: Various dates available on request
Venue: Dame Geraldine Hall, 6-9 Manor Gardens, London, N7 6LA, United Kingdom
Training provided by: Donna Benton
Fee: Prices vary depending on the number of training days required

Are you a parent of a child with ASD, employ an ABA tutor and would find structured
training sessions beneficial?

Autism Partnership UK offers families the opportunity to have their tutors trained by experienced
ABA practitioners who can help refine the therapist analytical skills, using a structured and proven intervention model.

An overview

The ABA tutor training session is designed to advance the analytical skills of the tutor and is aimed at practitioners with a 

minimum of 6 months experience in ABA. The sessions run across three to five days, depending on the individuals training needs 

and delivered by Donna Benton, an ABA practitioner with over 20 years of experience.

This training session would appeal to:

· Tutors / therapists with a minimum of 6 months experience in ABA.

· Parents of autistic children, who employ an ABA tutor and understand that additional training would benefit their child’s progress.

What you and your family and tutor will learn:

· To address learning challenges and methods to teach your child to learn effectively.

· To manage behaviours that interfere with the learning process.

· To teach the process of learning.

· To systematically break down and teach language, communication, play and social skills.

What outcomes can you expect after attending the training sessions:

- Refined strategies to help your child progress.

- Professional development of the therapist.

- Each tutor will receive a certificate on completion of the training session.

Helping Individual Cope with Challenging Situations

Date: Saturday 11 January 2020
Venue: Dame Geraldine Hall, 6-9 Manor Gardens, London, N7 6LA, United Kingdom
Presented by: Donna Benton
Fee: Free

Get a detailed understanding of challenges faced by autistic individuals and learn how to help them cope with these challenges.

About this Event

Autism is a highly-variable and complex condition that renders many people incapable of coping with everyday situations which those of us without the condition take for granted.

This workshop introduces participants to a more detailed understanding of the challenges faced by autistic individuals and how to help them overcome and cope with these challenges.


  • In depth analysis of behaviour functions
  • Proactive and reactive strategies
  • Problem-solving considerations
  • Stress management & coping strategies
  • Case studies of successful outcomes working with children with ASD
  • Places are limited and by booking only.

Past Events

Dates for 6 week 'Parent Training Programme' are
yet to be announced. However spaces are limited, hence you are encouraged to
register your interest by sending an email to info@autismpartnership.co.uk


One of the primary challenges faced by children with ASD is their inability to develop meaningful friendships. An added challenge faced by parents with children on the autism spectrum is their inability to find suitable peers. It is for this reason that our organisation would like to reach out to the wider community in hopes of finding suitable playmates who would not only serve as great models for social interaction, but would also benefit from what our children have the potential to offer!!

Contact us to find out more about our ongoing workshops to introduction of ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis)